APO Spring 2016 RUSH

This is the season for RUSH!! Come out and join us! Learn more about us! 

Secret Santa

The last event of Fall 2015. Lovely Secret Santa and had a great time.

p.s.: Sorry for taking picuture late, missed several brothers who left early. 

Love you guys and see you guys next year!

Welcoming new brothers!!!

start from left down corner, clockwise: Brother Montoya, Brother McMahan, Brother Hartley, Brother Parker, Brother Dillon and Brother Taylor from PC125


Finally can call you guys brothers. Congratulations!!

Welcom our new brothers from PC 126! Brother Gestl, Brother Montoya, Brother Dillon, Brother Hartley, Brother Ganimian, Brother Akhtar, Brother Hughes, Brother McMahan, Brother Surtel, Brother Parker and Brother Crumb!!!!

Welcome to our family and hope you enjoy being a APO brother!!


Baby Blanket Class with Alia

Today we learned how to use sewing machine! Pledge Alia taught us how to make awseome quilts and tag blankets. Everyday, we are learning new things. These would donate to the Hope Box which was founded by Heather Parody of Raleigh, NC to ensure every infant through child has a baby blanket of his/her own. A the winter approaches, these blankets hope can keep children in need warm all winter. 

APOpen Mic Night - Mission succeed!!

"APOpen Mic was an astounding success! It was a fun-filled night of slam poetry, improv, and a huge variety of musical acts! RIT Mental Graffiti opened the show with some awesome slam poetry, and the show followed with amazing performances from RIT Jammies (RIT’s unofficial Jam Club), the RIT Ukulele Club, Eight Beat Measure, Surround Sound, SuP, and members of RIT Improv! All profits from the show, about $130 were donated to the wonderful charity, Doctors Without Borders. Once again, a huge thanks to RITSMA for setting up sound for us, and to all the performers who put on a great show!"

- Bethany Hartley

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